Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Site build it today


It's a new month.

Don't delay any further.

If you want a web presence site build it today.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogger Illustrated Slams SBI


Life's busy for Lissie.

She's had stardom thrust upon her, what with the

dozens of Site Build It reviews that sprouted up

after her's.

And who would ever have imagined that the new

breakaway video vlogster of the day would be

that Joe The Plumber of cyberspace-- none other

than Allyn Hane of .

Allyn's natural style and honesty made his

Site Build It Bull.doo.doo review an instant

hit all over the internet. Everyone's saying

that Blogger Illustrated slammed SBI right

in the cash flow.


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Great Site Build It SCAM

Making money online is not that easy for beginners.

Many people start out with visions of the internet lifestyle at the beach, and quickly meet up with a steep learning curve and technological challenges.

So, let's say you're a beginner at make money online. Where do you start? What part of making money online don't you get?

You don't know who to trust.

You may have a site in your mind, and you want to build it.

What do you do next to build it?

I am going to give you the roadmap... free. If you are ready to hear this information (and not still chasing after bright shiny objects promising you instant wealth creation), this info will save you lots of time, money, heartache, and oh, did I mention money?? LOL!

Myself, I spend alot of time outdoors and in northern climes. This gives me the opportunity to think. It was there that I developed the SCAM methodology for building sites.

Here's how it works. When you are ready to do your research, go to Google and type in "site build it + scam". Easy as that.

Let me elaborate the SCAM method which you can use to build your site.

  • S = Scrutinize
  • C = Consider
  • A = Analyze, and
  • M = Meander


Scrutinize. Study everything you can about your project, and how you will build it- that site!

If you want to learn the ways of the world, learn from the professor. His name is Grizzly and you can find him at Make Money for Beginners and Make Money Online Grizzly.

Grizz will tell you what you need to know.

You have to be a good reader.

You have to pay attention.

And you have to be willing to attend school on Sundays.


Consider what keywords you will be using for your site as you build it.

For this, you need to read Courtney Tuttle. Court lays out all the ingredients to online success *if* you read and study his words.


Analyze how visitors will find your site once you build it. (It costs you nothing if they find your site in a natural, organic way, using a search engine.)

Anti-scam crusader Victor Franqui at Blogger Unleashed can give you a no-holds-barred, no fluff, no filler education in his videos and blog posts about how the internet works. When he says links, he doesn't mean sausages.


Next, meander some more around the internet until you get a clear picture of what Internet Marketing is all about. This, too, is free.

Besides reading Vic, Grizz, and Court check out what these folks have to say, and visit their Blogroll buddies as well:

Hopefully you will apply the SCAM method to your site as you build it. I wish you all the best.

~ ~ ~ ~